Dinghy Courier Partner

Being a Dinghy Courier Partner

What is the role of a Dinghy courier partner?
  • Dinghy’s vision is to be able to deliver all of the products that you can buy in a mall straight to our customers’ doorsteps quickly and easily!
    This is not possible without a fleet of courier partners who can pick up the orders and deliver them safely.
    As a Dinghy courier partner, you are the face of the service and have the responsibility for the orders while you are delivering. The Courier App(Dinghy Captain) will guide you through, but you will meet a lot of shop owners, restaurant staff, fellow courier partners, and happy customers on your way!

Which types of products do courier partners deliver?
  • As a Dinghy courier partner, you can deliver anything from food and groceries to flowers and pharmaceuticals! Most of the orders you will deliver will be grocery and food from restaurants, but over time, more and more products will be introduced to the platform.

What are my responsibilities as a courier partner?

Your main task is to deliver all of the lovely food and products that our customers order straight to their locations!

This entails a responsibility for:

  • A phone

  • A vehicle (boat, bike, car) to deliver with

  • Keeping your bag clean for deliveries

What are the responsibilities of a Dinghy Courier Partner? 
  • Your responsibilities are set out in the Courier Partner Service Agreement you have signed with Dinghy. As an example, these include:


  1. You are responsible for having required permits and licenses.

  2. You are responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage.

  3. You are responsible for keeping your delivery gear clean and conform to your local hygiene measures and food safety standards.

  • You are responsible for adhering to ALL land and marine traffic rules and other local legislation.

What do I need to do if I want to take a break from Dinghy? 
  • You are free to take all the breaks that you want, as delivering with Dinghy is also about flexibility and freedom. 

Who can I contact, if I need help or have questions related to being a courier partner?
  • The Dinghy Support Team is just one click away in your Partner App and always ready to help you if you have any questions while delivering. They can also help answer any general questions you might have regarding your documents, your earnings or other aspects of your partnership. However, a good place to start is actually right here in this FAQ. 

  • How to contact support: just call or send an email.

The Dinghy Partner app

Pickups & Drop Offs
  • Pickup A pickup task is the task of a Courier Partner picking up food/orders from a given venue. The pickup task is shown as a ‘pickup notification’ in the Partner App. You accept a pickup task by pressing the [Accept] button.

  • Pickup note A ‘pickup note’ contains all the information necessary for picking-up an order at the restaurant. You receive the pickup note in the Partner App when accepting a pickup task. The pickup note usually contains:

  1. Notes from the restaurant: “Please wait outside until the order is marked ready.”  

  2. Checklist of the contents of your current order e.g: 2 burgers, 1 milkshake, 1 coca-cola zero.

  3. The address for the given restaurant.

  • Dropoff A dropoff task is the task of a Courier Partner delivering food/orders from a given restaurant to a given customer location. 

  • Dropoff note A ‘dropoff note’ is the notification you receive within the Partner App when accepting a dropoff task. The dropoff note usually contains:

  1. Notes from the customer: “My boat name is (xxx). Please call me when you get here.”  

  2. Notes regarding the contents of your current order e.g: 2 burgers, 1 milkshake, 1 coca-cola zero.

  3. The delivery location pin or address of the customer.

Why did my task disappear in the App?
  • When you receive a task, it means that you are currently the most optimal courier partner available for that specific task, at that specific moment in time. If you do not accept the task straight away, which is completely okay, you might experience that the task will disappear and another courier partner might have become more optimal for delivering that specific task.

Map & navigation mode
  • The map shows your current location, mode of transport, and your next task if you have one. A blue dot means it's a pick-up, and green dot means it's a drop-off.
    The partner app has integrated navigation functions that can be used when on a task. By clicking on the navigation icon in the top right of the app, it will automatically insert the customer or venue’s entered address and redirect you to that app. This means that navigation in the app connects automatically to your current task.

Problems with the app?
  • If you have any problems with the Partner App, Dinghy Support will be there on the chat and help you out. This applies both when you are online and have urgent issues or at any time you need help while you are offline. Making sure the app is updated is also important.
    For small glitches or a frozen screen, we recommend you restart the app or your phone, if necessary.

Earnings & payment

How do I earn with Dinghy?
  • You earn by delivering. You get paid per task as percentage of the delivery fee. Your earnings will vary based on how busy the Dinghy platform is when you go online, which orders you deliver and how efficient you are.

What percentage of delivery fee?
  • Delivery fee are earnings Courier Partners receive for completing delivery tasks. The spesific delivery fee per task is stated in your contract.

How can I see how much I've earned?
  • You can see how much you have earned in the Dinghy Partner app. Simply head to the menu bar and click "Earnings" to see an overview of your earnings. You can also click on "Stats" to see how many orders you delivered in a specific period of time.

  • You will receive invoices/payslips from Dinghy for every payout every second week (the 10th and 25th of each month), where your earnings also will be stated.

Can I get tips as a Dinghy courier partner?
  • Dinghy customers can choose to leave tips when they place their order. Due to tax regulations, we can only allow the customers to tip before the delivery, which means that the tip is not given based on your personal service. You do not have to pay tax on tips in Croatia.

When do I get paid?
  • We pay twice a month. All amounts paid are in the GROSS amount. The money you earn between the 1st and the 15th will be paid to you on the 25th. The money you earn between the 16th and 31st will be paid out on the 10th. In the case of weekends or holidays, you will receive the money before the specified date. If you do not have a direct contract with Dinghy, but with a partner company or student association, ask them about your payment.

Insurance & fees

Do I need my own insurance in order to deliver?
  • We strongly recommend that you have your own insurance. If you are delivering by boat, car or motorcycle, you are required by law to have liability insurance for your vehicle. This will cover you in case you end up in an accident while driving.

What do I do if I’m in an accident? 
  • Make sure you and any other people involved are alright. 

  • Call the local emergency line, if there is a need for an ambulance or police.

  • The most important thing is the safety and well-being of you and anyone else involved. Once you are sure you and anyone else possibly involved is alright, contact support and they will help you figure out the best solution. 

I got an accident or penalty while delivering, what should I do?
  • It is important that you follow the official traffic rules when delivering with Dinghy, so if you receive any fines or parking tickets while delivering, it is your own responsibility to cover the costs. When delivering by bike, we recommend that you are extra careful not to check your phone while biking, or bike in areas that are restricted to people by foot only.

  • For cars and motorcycles, always follow the speed limits for your vehicle and remember to park legally during pick-ups or drop-offs even if you are just leaving your vehicle for a few minutes.

  • For boats, drive responsibly with the local maritime laws, do not use any alcohol or drugs during work. Dinghy is not responsible for any accident and penalties.

I damaged my vehicle while delivering, will Dinghy pay?
  • Dinghy does not cover any damages happening to your vehicle while delivering. We recommend that you ensure your vehicle or get a kasko (comprehensive/all-risk) insurance for your motor vehicle. If the damage is a result of an accident or collision with a third party, their insurance might cover the costs you have related to necessary repairs.


Tips & tricks

What is peak hours?
  • Peak Hours is the time period of a given day, in which people in your city usually order the most food delivered. This means it is the time of the day when most Courier Partners are needed on the platform, as well as the best opportunity to maximize your earnings. 

  • Peak hours in Croatia:
    Lunch hour: 11:00 - 13:00
    Dinner: 15:30 - 21:00
    Weekends: All day!

What are hotspots and why start and return close to them?
  • City hotspots are the locations with the biggest density of online venues in any given city. The more venues near you, the bigger the chance of receiving an order asap and maximizing your earnings.

  • If you want to maximize your earnings, it’s often a good idea to swipe online at a city hotspot and return to the same hotspot after completing a task. This usually helps you get more deliveries.

When should I mark an order picked up?
  • Our humble recommendations: Simply marking the food picked up when it’s inside the bag is by far the most efficient way of doing it. 

  • Why is this the best? Orders can always be removed from you and sent to another courier if an issue arises. Support will handle that for you. But orders can only be removed before you have marked the order picked up. This means that if you have marked an order picked up but you don’t have it and the restaurant accidentally makes the wrong order or drops it, you can’t be removed from the order and you’ll have to wait for it to be fixed. In extreme cases, support can still help you out here but it’s much more difficult for them.

    To Register; download driver app here for iOS or Android and sign up!